Our Story
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Sustainable Supply Chain

The values we live by and craft by

We play a role in promoting and empowering women worldwide.

We are inspired by the African village concept of community. This is where women and mothers  share experiences to feel empowered, independent and proud is universal.


Therefore we all need to play a role in shaping women’s and girls’ world for the best. At Danielle & Daisy, we choose to impact positively on women and girls globally.

Uncompromising artisan ship

At Danielle & Daisy, we begin every single one of our creations with our key ingredient Shea Butter.


We ensure to source our ingredients directly from women-run organisations in Ghana.

Our partners are women produce the purest-grade of highest-quality Shea Butter.

Our finished products are made up of expert blend of complementary ingredients to ensure uncompromising quality across the range of skin care products.

Universal needs for fulfillment

At Danielle & Daisy, we believe we are able to fulfil your beauty needs with one key ingredient – Shea Butter. We also  strive to fulfil the economic needs of our women Shea producers in West Africa through our cross-cultural supply chain.


The needs of our customers to heal their hair and skin is fulfilled through our natural and effective formulations. The need to connect women globally, and the need to create an economic pathway for the African women who pick and process Shea nuts to help care and provide for their families.