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Danielle & Daisy Poverty Alleviation Initiative Program in
Northern and Western Regions of Ghana 

This initiative aims at working with over 1000 Shea Butter and Coconut Oil Producers in Ghana. We aim to focus on training women in Shea Butter and Coconut Oil production as a way of empowering them financially through job creation whiles producing high quality Shea Butter and Coconut Oil. 

  • We aim to supply 20 milling machines

  • 20 crushing machines and other equipment they might need for their training and work.

  • Danielle & Daisy aims to supply all the women with their National Health Insurance (NHIS) Registration and their annual renewal

In Ghana and most part of West Africa, Women are the major producers of Shea butter.  Shea Butter offers these women the opportunity to employment and their earnings feed, clothe, and educate their children. Over 16 million African women make a

living from Shea Butter Production.

At Danielle & Daisy, we source our Shea Butter directly from women Run organisations  in  the northern part of Ghana. Doing this ensures that we get our Shea Butter from direct source of production. This also means that we get the finest quality hand-crafted Shea butter that delivers the best results for our customers. 
Trading directly with women Shea Butter producers means also that we place revenue in the hands of the women, they get what exactly they have earned and removes the middlemen.


Naana Co Founder of Danielle & Daisy, being a Social Worker have worked and supported women and children for many years, this zeal to carry on supporting women was brought into forming Danielle and Daisy. We at Danielle & Daisy strongly live for  supporting the community, supporting women especially widows, single mothers and women with brain injuries. We work hard to promote Women Empowerment especially the empowerment of the African Women - We know that when a woman is financially secured , she can change the lives of her children, her family and her community. Danielle & Daisy are inspired by the strength, the beauty, the dedication, the creativity, the experience, the stories the women share, the journey they have travelled and the dignity of  which these women live by. We seek to support and make a difference in their lives and their communities. 


My name is  Ramatu and I am from the Upper West Region - Ghana. I have for children and have been making  and producing Shea Butter most of my life.  I started working with Naana (Ama) many years ago when she would come to Ghana for visit and purchase Shea Butter for personal use .


When she set up Danielle & Daisy  and started working with our company she has been buying her Shea Butter in Bulk from us. Producing Shea butter and having a steady market product has changed my life.  My children are in school and I am able to support them through the work.  


My hopes and aspirations include helping my children further their education, pay for their health insurances, having them nicely clothed and having enough money to do other types of business." 

My name is Hawa. I always supported my family on Shea butter production as I come from a family of sheabutter producers. 


I have 5 children of whom I support through education , shelter , clothing etc. Before I met Danielle and Daisy, we were just supplying small quantity  now I do hope that with their support, I can sell more sheabutter in order to get more money to support my children .  If I do not get sales, I wouldn't be able to support the children through schools  so the more , I sell the better chance I get to support my children. 

My name is Maame Bozoma  and I am from Half Assini. I used to  go to the seaside to buy left over fish and fry to sell. This was ok when my husband was alive and working to support however after he died,  I could no longer care for the 6 children on my own  doing the petty trading.  I met Danielle & Daisy some years ago when Naana came to do some charity work in Ghana. She supported me to start coconut oil making business.  Now I make and supply Coconut Oil to Danielle & Daisy  for their cream production. 

The money I am earning has enable me to send  the children to school , I am able to get healthy food on the table and cloth myself and the children . Life is a lot better and I am thankful to the support given to us by Danielle & Daisy 

Empowering Women

Our connections with the women we have met and continue to meet have changed the focus of our business.


We realised that our encounter with these women and the business we do with the women  have the potential of  changing lives  by alleviating poverty and providing them with income to meet the needs of their children.