Our Story
Shea Stories
Sustainable Supply Chain

Planned impact

For Women Shea Collectors and Local Processors, Improved women’s ability to compete in the Shea market by helping them organise into cooperatives in order to negotiate as a group

  • Provided pre-financing of nuts so that women could buy additional nuts from other communities in order to meet up with our production demands

  • Established a buy-back arrangement so that Shea Radiance purchases Shea butter from local cooperatives thus providing immediate market for their product

  • Provided training and education to improve knowledge of best practices in
    Shea processing that includes:

Eliminate smoking of nuts

Stop indiscriminate cutting of trees

Promote effective handling and storage of nuts

Improvement on quality of nuts and butter

Better Shea prices at farm gate

Improved ability to handle and maintain Shea equipment


Long-Term Sustainability Vision

  • Pay for  Health Insurance for the Women to ensure they  have easy access to the Ghana Health Service to enable our women have routine Health service . 

  • Set up a Shea Village in the North.

  • Set Up a Coconut Oil Village in the Western Region.

  • Learning Facilities for communities for kindergarten and elementary age children, especially for the girl child. 

  • Literacy centre with focus on women to improve on their literacy and numeracy.

  • During Christmas  and other seasons support the women and their families with gifts to support them to celebrate with their families .

  • Joint project with communities and NGO’s to build better storage facilities for nuts and butter.